Discussion-Week 7

The Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom is essential to the distant learning community. The virtual classroom functions just like a face-to-face classroom but in a distance learning environment students engage in an asynchronous learning environment. With emerging technologies such as web conferencing, video conferencing, and live streaming education in the virtual classroom can operate both asynchronously or synchronously. To ensure a quality virtual learning classroom or course Instructional Designers and instructors must able to construct a viable distance-learning environment with meaningful instruction coupled with meaningful activities. A big part of the virtual classroom is getting and keeping the online learners engaged in ongoing discussion activities, which is crucial to distance education.

Review this week’s Learning resources Chapter 9. “Designing for the Virtual Classroom” (pp. 463-471) https://class.waldenu.edu/bbcswebdav/institution/USW1/201520_02/MS_INDT/EIDT_6511/Week 7/Resources/Resources/embedded/Horton_Ch9_DesignVirtual_.pdf

  • Based on the information from the learning resources, what strategies can be used to design meaningful discussion activities?
  • Based on your personal experiences what are some meaningful strategies you past instructors used that kept you as a student engaged?
  • How might you apply those meaningful strategies to the virtual classroom that you will design in the future?

By Friday

Post your thoughts about the state of the virtual classroom along with 2 strategies that will make the distance-learning environment engaging and valid.

By Saturday

Respond to two of your course mates posting offering a meaningful response.

Scoring Rubric