Impact of Technology and Multimedia

The point of an online experience is to gain knowledge and use of new technology. The world around us is evolving with new technologies and we have to keep pace. Naturally in an online environment, technology takes center stage. Using and becoming proficient with new technologies gives added benefits to online learning. To effectively implement online instructional strategies the use of technologies should be gradual giving the learner confidence using the technology and the desire to want to learn and understand more complicated technologies.

  • What impact does technology and multimedia have on online learning environments?
  • Technology and multimedia have a tremendous impact on learning environments. It is because of the technology that makes asynchronous learning possible because of the medium it provides for instructors and student alike to deliver or view content. The technology enhances literacy and provides a greater access to information.
  • What are the most important considerations an online instructor should make before implementing technology?
  • Before an online instructor implement technology, he/she needs to be certain that they understand the technology before implementation. If the instructor doesn’t understand the technology that they require the learners to use, that would be disastrous for the instructor because of problems students may encounter. If problems should occur there would be nothing the instructor could do to help the learner.
  • What implications do usability and accessibility of technology tools have for online teaching?
  • Usability and accessibility of technology tools work hand and glove for online teaching. Technology first and foremost has to be user friendly for online students to reduce frustrations on the student’s behalf and to foster cognitive learning. If the technology is user friendly the learner has to spend less time getting to know the technology and focus more energy on learning. Moreover, accessibility is equally as important as usability. With most technology tools we use at Walden, the University makes sure that learners have access through alternative free software.
  • What technology tools are most appealing to you for online teaching as you move forward in your career in instructional design?
  • The most appealing tool for me for online teaching is the Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Creative Suite allows the full gambit of multimedia experiences for the online learner. The drawbacks of Adobe Creative Suite are cost, and usability. To fully understand and use this technology it require tutorials on behalf of the user to become proficient.

Patrick Hopkins


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