Fitting the Pieces Together

Fitting the Pieces Together 

Based on all of the learning theories and the place I am in my life, I can best identify with Connectivism and Adult Learning. Looking back on week one I believed I identified best with the Constructivism Learning Theory because it equates learning with creating meaning from experience. If you look at the five assumptions underlying Andragogy (the art and science of helping adults learn) describes how I currently learn. The assumptions include:

  • Independent self-concept and who can direct his or her own learning
  • Accumulated a reservoir of life experiences that is a rich resource for learning
  • Learning needs closely related to changing social roles
  • Problem-centered and interested in immediate application of knowledge
  • Motivated to learn by internal rather than external factors (Merriam, 2001,p5)

I have learned over the past weeks that learning styles evolve. Based on where you are in your life, your learning style will change. I think its silly to think that every person has only one learning style. Based on my research learning styles will vary based on the criteria. For example, if you are required to take continuing education courses for promotions or increase in pay your learning style will become more internalized because of motivation.

Technology plays a tremendous role in my learning. Looking back over the mind mapping exercise gave me an eye opener as to how much technology play a role in my personal learning. The use of blogs is tremendous assets because it allows me share what I have learned and gives me an opportunity to express opinions based on my understanding of material that I have studied. Secondly blogs allow me to cross reference subjects that I am currently studying and provide a forum to express differences of opinions openly. With the use of e-books and the Walden University online library really make research quick and easy without wasting a lot of time and resources.


Patrick Hopkins


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