Valued Resources

Valued Resources

Information Processing Theory article written by Gregory Schraw and Matthew McCrudden delves into detail about sensory memory, working memory and, long-term memory. This article is very informative because it relates memory to implications of instruction. There are four important implications for improving learning and instruction. The first is that memory stores are extremely limited in both sensory and working memory. Second is that relevant prior knowledge facilitated encoding and retrieval processes. Third is that automated information processing increases cognitive efficiency by reducing information-processing demands. The fourth implication is that learning strategies improve information processing because learners are more efficient and process information at a deeper level. (Pressley & Harris, 2006; Pressley & McDonald-Warton, 1997).

Improving classroom practices using our knowledge of how the brain works written by Oduola O. Abiola and Hakirat S. Dhindsa it covers in detail about how the brain works. This article introduces the reader to the brain and all the brain functions and capabilities from birth through old age.  This is a value to education because is gives an understanding of Brain Plasticity, Exercises, Learning and Memory, Stages in the Development of Memory and Cognition, Memory Consolidation and Reconsolidation, and Classroom Applications.


Patrick Hopkins


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